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KEEP RIGHT café is a combined space featuring fresh coffee and delicious food as well as retail and a place for community to gather and show off their passions and talent through performances, classes and more! Keep Right is owned and operated by Bonnie Halkenhauser, a seasoned accountant who specialized in business valuation and dedicated over 35 years to the daily grind in corporate America. Bonnie’s husband Randall, an accomplished architect turned University Professor is her business partner and biggest advocate. With help from their daughter Emily, a photojournalist living and working in NYC with experience in retail and social media advertising; and their son Miles, a talented freelance music producer and artist, Bonnie is entering this new chapter with an eye toward a successful future. So not without success but perhaps without fulfillment, Bonnie has left her corporate years in the past to pursue a new venture aimed at honoring her values and refreshing her community.

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Our Story

Keep Right Café was born from a dream that centered around a local venue where people love

to gather and the community comes alive. Here, we encourage a well-balanced lifestyle with plenty of creativity and mindful awareness. We encourage everyone who stops in for a bite to explore within yourself as well as the world around you; and we dare you to become more than what you are today. Bring out your inner artist, writer, poet, or singer, and enjoy new experiences. Let’s get to know each other and celebrate our individuality!


At Keep Right Café, we do our very best to be eco-friendly and sustainable. We love Earth and invite you to learn how easy and cost effective reducing your footprint can be through our retail offerings. Items for sale (and their packaging!) feature bio-degradable, compostable, reusable, and renewable products. We also love to promote locally made retail items.


At Keep Right Café, our delicious always freshly brewed coffee is organic and locally roasted and our Italian sodas are refreshing hand crafted beverages made from pure and natural ingredients. Meats for our mouth-watering paninis are roasted and sliced on premises. Our menu is designed to offer fresh, nourishing, irresistible food that will keep you coming back for more. Balance is extremely important to us and we know that sometimes a treat is necessary in life - we deserve it! So we wanted to let you know here that we have delicious balls. Yes, you read that right…they are scrumptious! So don’t forget to keep right and “Ask us about our balls!”


We would love to hear from you! Don't hesitate to reach out with  questions about our cafe offerings, retail opportunities, scheduling a performance, teaching a class or anything else you can think of.

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